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Don’t date a snake – Counselor Adofoli


Written by Counselor Adofoli

It is said that you can’t talk with an animal but the sad truth is many people are actually in a relationship with snakes, a fake lover who pretends to be real. People are fooled by sweet talkers in the name of love. People have fallen in love with words yet the actions of their lovers are hurting them inside.

A snake is always a sweet talker. If you doubt me, ask Eve; after falling for such words, man has never been the same again. If you want to differentiate between the right person to fall in love with and a snake, then you’ve got to believe the one whose actions and mouth speak the same truth.

You don’t need to be naive in love, you don’t need to be drunk with excitement or feelings. If you have to beg for their time, attention, or you they are ignoring you, it’s a clear sign of a snake. If they stop calling or texting and they won’t even return your calls or reply your text even though you see them online, its time you advice yourself. Stop waiting for such a person to reply you or return your calls, move on.

He is a snake if he is dating other ladies besides you or in relationship with other ladies. There is nothing like number one in love so don’t accept such a position. He is not a snake when he makes you the one and only.

She is a snake when she tells everyone you are just a friend or a brother, yet she tells you countless times she loves you. Don’t let her take you off from the “Single and Available” market privately while publicly she still remains in the market, looking for customers. Some even add “I don’t want people to know we are dating”. Let’s keep it secret.

He is a snake when he can protect his cell phone with his life but doesn’t care about you. Such a man is not marriage material; for in marriage, the wife is the beautiful flower in the garden whilst the husband is the fence around it. If he can’t protect you, he is not worth you.

She is a snake if she cannot do without her ex-boyfriend and keeps defending him. If she agreed to be in a relationship with you, then she needs to understand loyalty is a responsibility not a choice.

Snakes only shed skins, they never change; they have just shed their skin with you now, stop forcing them or waiting for them to change. If they cheated on you, it was not a mistake, it was a choice, let them go unless you want to end up with a cheater.

Guys should stop calling other men to stay off their girlfriends because you plan of getting married to them. No man can steal your woman if she is not interested. Always remember a bird can be guarded but a wife can’t.

The right person who loves you will not always be with you but they always carry a piece of you with them in their heart; you may not be with them but thoughts of you are always present in their mind. If they are not calling it means you were not in their mind or heart. Each time you complain, they will give you an excuse.

We are never too busy for the one we love; also the house of the person we love is never far. Stop shaking a tree just to make dew drops fall.

In conclusion “Excellent speech is not becoming to a fool, much less lying lips to a prince” – Proverbs 17:7 (MEV).

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