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Ways to prevent someone from adding you to a whatsapp group without permission



Many people, not only in Kenya but around the world have a habit of “kidnapping” others and confining them to WhatsApp groups without first seeking permission.
This disturbing habit of adding people to WhatsApp groups without first asking them is common among friends and relatives who feel since you are ‘one of them’, they have some ‘rights’ over your ‘freedom of expression.’

For years, millions of WhatsApp users around the world have been calling on the messaging app owners to develop a feature that would hinder people from adding others on WhatsApp without seeking consent.

WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion users around the world and has grown to be one of the most popular single apps that enable people to send messages and make calls by use of data bundles.

To enable the feature, WhatsApp has made it so easy. All the user needs is to go to “Settings” on the app, then “Account”, then “Privacy”, then “Groups.” Clicking on the “Groups” will give one three options; “Everyone,” “My Contacts” or “My Contacts Except.”

Selecting “My Contacts” means only users you have saved in your phonebook can add you to WhatsApp groups. “My Contacts Except” gives you the freedom of selecting among your contacts who should add or should not add you to a WhatsApp group.

In an event that an admin of a group will not be able to add you into a WhatsApp group, he or she will be prompted to send a private message asking you to join the group of which you can either accept or decline.

For WhatsApp users who have been kidnapped and bundled into family and “friendly” WhatsApp groups, freedom has come.

Lewis Painkiller
Lewis Painkiller


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