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Painkiller ft. Lil Pezzy x Stiny Leo-Fuck Hater

’s a commonly known fact that the players gonna play and the haters gonna hate. It’s sad but true. No matter where you go, there will always be people there who will find a reason not to like you. People would rather point out what’s wrong with others, than face what’s wrong with them. It’s so much easier to deflect and lash out.

Now From Camp Of Peekay Nation Bring To As This Brand New Record Is Coming From Their Fortman Painkiller He Tagged This One Fuck Hater, A Joint Which Talks More About Been Hatred By Someone, Thats A Classic Hip Hop Banger We Have Here, The Record Was Featured NGBPL Boss Lil Pezzy And Top Clique Inc CEO Stiny Leo, Production Credit Goes To Doc Henry, You Can Check It Below And Dont Forget To Share.

Fuck Hater [Download]

Lewis Painkiller
Lewis Painkiller


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