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Patapaa forgets his ‘Skopatomana’ lyrics live on stage?

Patapaa, who is the man of the moment, for going viral once again with his “skopatomana” challenge, wowed fans at a concert in Ashiaman but we can’t say same if it comes to his “skopatomana” delivery.

Currently, social media is buzzing with a challenge which has many, either rattling or learning P?atapaa’s gibberish yet hilarious verse on a song which he featured on. Though others are struggling to get the lyrics right, others have perfected it.

However, we can’t boldly say that Patapaa has mastered his own lyrics yet when he appeared on stage, during a concert at Ashaman. This is because the Ghanaian musician did not deliver the lyrics as fans expected.

In a video sighted by, Patapeezy is only heard repeating only two lines from the viral “skopatomana” verse which has been trending on Twitter for four days nonstop.

We can’t tell if Patapaa actually forgot his own lyrics or not because he has also announced that he is releasing a new song based on the viral verse and this could be lines from the new one.

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