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No pastor can match Rev Obofour- Prophet Badu Kobi

The founder and leader of Glorious Wave Chapel International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has said that no pastor in Ghana can be compared or match up to Rev Obofour.

He heaped praises on his spiritual ‘son’ Rev Obofour, saying among all pastors in Ghana there’s no match for him in terms of how he runs his ministry, humility and service to him and Ghanaians as well as his kindness.

Rev Obofour

He noted that even though Rev Obofour is mostly in the midst of several controversies relating to his luxurious lifestyle and his ministry, he is but a blessing from God.

He added that he sees no end in sight for Rev Obofour’s riches and luxurious lifestyle.

He made this statement while addressing congregants at his church during his birthday celebration.

“Years ago when I started giving life, people were criticizing me…you see a better son God has given me, a son known all over the globe…”

“And any man of God in Ghana, just tell me if you can match him, and he’ll be greater now.” He added.

Congregants cheered on as Rev Obofour in response sprayed money on his ‘father’.

Rev Badu Kobi further stated emphatically that Ghanaians, particularly those from Kumasi are always envious and constantly working to bring people down to their lowest ebb.

“The problem of especially Kumasi people, even when they come to Accra they bring the same spirit. They want to bring everybody down and they alone go up.”

“But listen to me, in our kingdom, the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former”, he said.

Reverend Obofour in recent times stirred controversy between himself and Obinim when he gifted the latter’s former pastor One Blow, a brand-new Range Rover in the presence of his congregation during his mother’s birthday celebration.

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