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You are dating a cheater if you can’t exchange phones – Counselor Adofoli


“It is not difficult to know whether you are dating a cheater. If you can’t share each other’s phone anytime, it is a clear sign you have one. Again, someone who cannot tell a simple truth, but lies even about little things is one.

Cheaters are dangerous and can kill you with their behaviour, they are like a snake. They don’t bite you when you first meet them, they rather sweet talk you. Just remember when the snake first showed up in the Garden of Eden, did it start biting? No, it start talking, it started lying.

If you are with one now but don’t know, don’t worry, as time goes on you will get to know them better; time solves your problem by uncovering who he or she is, but what time can’t do for you is to break up with them. You need to do that on your own” – Counselor Adofoli

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